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Salamida State Fair Spiedies and Jungles from NYT Aug 2023.jpeg
Rob Salamida, Spiedie Fest co-founder, with his son, Andrew Salamida.jpeg

Salamida's original pork, chicken, lamb and tofu spiedies are served with a side of Jungle Fries at Salamida's Speidie Fest tent in August, 2023. Photo by Bryan Gardner, New York Times. 

Rob Salamida, co-founder of Spiedie Fest, stands in front of his stand with his son, Andrew Salamida, in August 2023. Photo by Bryan Gardner, New York Times

Can This Festival Keep a New York Sandwich Tradition Alive?

IN August, Robert Simonson from The New York Times stopped by Spiedie Fest to experience our beloved community event. We loved meeting him and his team, passing on stories of the early days and most importantly, sharing some Salamida Spiedies.

Since our founding, this has been part of our recipe; meeting new people, telling our story, sharing our not-so-secret sauce. At Salamida’s, we believe this ritual will continue to help keep our Binghamton delicacy alive. It’s imperative, however, that we continue to seek ways to offer a seat for everyone at our table.

Whether you use our sauces on meats or meatless-proteins, our seasonings on a savory egg breakfast or sweet potato side, we hope you enjoy them with new friends, share stories and continue to keep our tasty tradition alive!

spiedie fest old.JPG

Rob Salamida and Paul VanSavage: the original co-founders of Spiedie Fest

Spiedie NYS Fair.jpg

Reflecting on Humble Beginnings: Spiedie Fest Enters Year 35


All Hail the Spiedie, the Greatest Sandwich on Earth


Rob Salamida, appears as an extra in "The Irishman"


Beyond the Buffalo Wing in Upstate
New York

Rob 2.jpg

How a 19-year-old selling spiedies at the NYS Fair became a national success

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