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 "We live North Carolina and often have family 'import' spiedies to us from New York. A few years ago, my uncle brought us a bottle of Lemon Garlicious sauce - we are now obsessed and in addicted - on chicken and especially on fish! For our 3rd wedding anniversary, I ordered a case of 12 bottles for my wonderful husband!"


- Becca S.

"Business took me to Binghamton and someone told me to

try a spiedie. It was an instant love. I get requests from

 everyone to make it all the time."


Chris D’Anniballe

 "I have been using your Pinch dry rub seasoning for the last

5-6 years and I don’t believe that there is a finer seasoning on

the market today. I may try others, but I always end up using

your brand. It’s the greatest. I just order via your 800 number

a case of Pinch and I give some to my special relatives. 

They all love it too!"


- David S.

 "Fifteen years ago, we came across spiedie sauce and

found the flavor just delicious. Since then, its all we cook with, adding it as salad topping to creating our own recipes to hand down. I steam with rice a lot. Spiedie sauce adds additional flavor to any meat dish. Chicken, rice and broccoli are one of a

couple spiedie favorites around here." 


- Tammie K.

 "Salute!  I have been using spiedie sauce since 1975 and recommending as the only way of preparing a venison kabob. 

It is without a doubt the finest marinade to grace this famiy’s palate…Don’t change a thing!"


- Anthony M.

"I am a big fan of the Pinch product. I’ve ordered it for my own personal use for about 3 years now. I use it on steak, chicken, pork and spaghetti and none of them ever tasted better. Every time I place an order my neighbors all call me up to ask me if I’m

splitting the order with them this time."

- Melissa B.

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one of our products?

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