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Freedom Gift - Pick 12 for $55 (16oz)

Freedom Gift - Pick 12 for $55 (16oz)


Pick twelve 16oz bottles of your favorite Salamida product for only $55. Free shipping to the entire continental US!  


Each flavor selection below is a set of two bottles.  

  • Salamida State Fair Spiedie Sauce

    The #1 Selling Spiedie Sauce in the USA! An all-purpose marinade, rich in flavor yet not over-powering in taste, for meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and game.

  • Salamida Cornell Style Chicken Bar-B-Que Sauce

    An all-natural gluten-free marinade with a kick of vinegar and bursting with flavor from the freshest array of ingredients. The perfect addition for your next barbeque.

  • Salamida State Fair Lemon Garlicious

    A delicious and addictive blend of lemon and garlic – not only full of taste but rich in vitamins and nutrients. For poultry, pork, and especially seafood.

  • Salamida Tuscan Grill Rosemary Balsamic

    This marinade is in a class all to itself! Sweet balsamic is mixed with crushed rosemary to make a huge flavor burst that. Want an exciting new twist? Try this marinade on your fish.

  • Salamida State Fair Big Hawaii Teriyaki

    Our Big Hawaii Teriyaki is unique with a deeper flavor that will burst your taste-buds with a tangy sweetness. We use pure pineapple juice, a sensational blend of soy sauce, vinegar, spices, and sugar to create a taste that has the perfect harmony of flavors.

  • Salamida Steak House Flat Iron Grill

    This marinade is a rich, zesty, extraordinary blend of savory and spice that will highlight any grilled beef cut. Our Steak House Marinade will be the hit of your next party or get together.

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